End of September Update

We are experiencing technical difficulties in posting sermons lately. Our old handy walkman is starting to show its age. I always knew going from tape to MP3 was an overly complex solution to getting sermons online…now it’s proven so!

Let me update you on a few things in the life of the church.

I have been preaching on the inconvenient sayings of Jesus. Sunday, September 27 will be the inconvenient saying of Jesus, “It is good for you that I am going away.”

Pastor Terry Cummings will be in Connell on Sunday, October 11 for a mini-revival. He will preach Sunday morning and we will have an evening service at 5:55 to hear another message from Pastor Terry.

Trunk N Treat is planned and we are excited for some new wrinkles this year. We will have a cash prize for the best decorated car, and we are inviting anyone from the community to join in the fun. All our participants who enter a car will receive a free milkshake from Burger Factory.

Grace and peace to you!

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