Saturday, July 7

Opening Prayer: Almighty God, may the transforming power of your gospel be at work in my life today and always. Amen.

Read: Psalm 4

Read: 1 Corinthians 1:18-31

Prayer:for the church, for others, for myself.

Journal: What specific habits in my life are helping me walk in the Light of Jesus? What habits draw me into darkness?

Hymn: “O Holy Savior, Friend Unseen”
O Holy Savior, friend unseen,
Since on thine arm thou bidst me lean,
Help me, throughout life’s changing scene,
By faith to cling to thee.

What though the world deceitful prove,
And earthly friends and hopes remove;
With patient, uncomplaining love,
Still would I cling to thee.

Though oft I seem to tread alone
Life’s dreary waste, with thorns o’ergrown,
Thy voice of love, in gentlest tone
Still whispers, “Cling to me!”

Though faith and hope may long be tired,
I ask not, need not, aught beside;
How safe, how calm, how satisfied,
The soul that clings to thee!

Closing Prayer: Go forth to serve in the strength, love, and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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