Monday, June 20

Opening Prayer: Almighty God, open Your Word to me today, that I may be more like Your Son for having come into Your presence. Amen.

Read: Matthew 5:3-12

Reflect: Do you see paradox in any of the beatitudes? Could you possibly summarize the beatitudes in one sentence? Who can you apply these statements to your personal walk with Jesus?

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself.

Hymn: “We Come, O Christ, to You”
We come, O Christ, to you,
True Son of God and man,
By whom all things consist,
In whom all life began.
In You alone we live and move,
And have our being in Your love.

You are the living Truth;
All wisdom dwells in You,
The source of every skill,
The One Eternal true!
O great I AM, in You we rest,
Sure answer to our every quest.

You only are true Life;
To know You is to live
The more abundant life
That earth can never give.
O risen Lord, we live in you;
In us each day Your life renew!

We worship you, Lord Christ,
Our Savior and our King;
To You our youth and strength
Adoringly we bring.
So fill our hearts, that all may view
Your life in us, and turn to You!

Closing Prayer: Embrace the will of God. Obey the Call of God. Receive the power of God. Reflect the peace of God. Amen.


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