Wednesday, September 30

Opening Prayer: Almighty God, Help me to be loved by You. There are so many things that distract me from sensing Your love, please wash those things away this week. Amen.

Read: Psalm 51
How is God’s love displayed in this Psalm? Is there more fear of judgment or expectation of grace in this Psalm?

Prayer: for the church, for others, for myself.

Hymn: “There’s a Wilderness in God’s Mercy”
There’s a wilderness in God’s mercy
Like the wideness of the sea;
There’s a kindness in His justice
Which is more than liberty.

There is welcome for the sinner,
And more graces for the good.
There is mercy with the Savior;
There is healing in His blood.

For the love of God is broader
Than the measure of man’s mind;
And the heart of the Eternal
Is most wonderfully kind.

If our love were more simple,
We should take Him at His word;
And our lives would be illuminated
By the presence of our Lord.

Closing Prayer: May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. (2 Cor. 13:14)

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